Taverna Pseiras

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At the foot of Palamidi hill in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece, in the old neighbourhood of Pronoia, lies the small traditional taverna 'O Pseiras'. Gods have decided to leave this spot untouched so that the older can remember and the younger may learn.

Smells and tastes wake nostalgic images. You travel back in time. The Koutelias family has created this place with love and devotion, for you.


The engravings of the town of Nafplio of the early 20th century decorating the walls, the fire burning in the fireplace in winter, the cool breeze under the jasmine-arbour in summer and the air filled with smells of spices and delicacies stage an unforgettable night out.

Pseiras taverna outdoors - Live Music


Your five senses will be stimulated and will help you keep the tastes and memories of your visit to the traditional taverna 'O Pseiras' for a very long time. We are sure you will want to come back.