'O Pseiras' tavern offers you everything you need to cover your gastronomical needs. Tasty home made appetisers and casserole dishes, freshly cut salads, but also fresh meat carefully selected at local suppliers, grilled or roasted on a spike for you. Enjoy them with our house wine or a beer of your liking. Ask what the home-made desert is on the day and you won't be disappointed!

Please see our menu below and come in to enjoy our hospitality. Alternatively if you would like to use our take-away service then you can call 27520 24117, place your order and drop by to collect it.


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Tzatziki Τζατζίκι
Spicy cream cheese Τυροκαυτερή
Garlic spread Σκορδαλιά
Fried cheese Τυρί σαγανάκι
Feta cheese Φέτα
Strong yellow cheese Γραβιέρα


Greek salad Χωριάτικη
Boiled seasonal green salad Χόρτα εποχής
Lettuce salad Μαρούλι
Cabbage salad Λάχανο


Intestine wrapped offal roasted on the spit Κοκορέτσι
Spicy pork on the spit Κοντοσούβλι
"Pseiras" sausages Λουκάνικα «ψείρας»
Spiced pork jelly Πηχτή

From the Grill

Lamb chops (per kilo) Παϊδάκι (κιλό)
Pork steak Μπριζόλα χοιρινή
Beef steak Μπριζόλα μοσχαρίσια
Burger Μπιφτέκι
Chicken Κοτόπουλο
Liver Συκώτι
Pork Pancetta (per kilo) Πανσέτα (κιλό)
Kebab on a pita with yoghurt sauce Κεμπάπ γιαουρτλού

Prepared in the casserole

Vine leaves stuffed with meat Ντολμαδάκια
Lamb in lemon sauce Αρνάκι λεμονάτο
Pork in wine sauce Μπεκρή μεζέ

Fried Dishes

French fries Πατάτες
Zucchini (courgette) Κολοκυθάκια
Zucchini (courgette) balls Κολοκυθοκεφτέδες


House white wine (litre) Λευκό κρασί κιλό
House rose wine (litre) Ροζέ κιλό
House red wine (litre) Κόκκινο κιλό
Beer - Amstel, Heineken, Kaiser, Fix 0.5lt Μπύρες - Αμστελ, Χάϊνεκεν, Kaiser, Fix 0,5lt
Lux cola 330ml Κόκα-κόλα 330ml
Sprite 250ml Σπράϊτ 250ml
Soda 250ml Σόδα 250ml
Sparkling water 250ml Μεταλλικό νερό 250ml
Lemonade 250ml Λεμονάδα 250ml
Orangeade 250ml Πορτοκαλάδα 250ml
Water (1lt) Νερό (1lt)
Water (0.5lt) Νερό (0,5lt)

When you eat at our taverna, fruit or dessert are on the house.